The Arctic March

In  the spring of 2014 Eric Philips, Martin Hartley and myself attempted to ski  from The North Pole to Canada. Our mission was to show the world how beautiful and yet how fragile the Arctic is. The expedition comes to a halt on day 40, after skiing 660 km, only 188 kilometers from reaching the Canadian Coast.

During the 40 days on ice we documented our journey on film through the bone-chilling winds and brutal cold starting at The North Pole, the constantly moving ice floes fracturing into pans of open water, the break-up and melt of the ice further south to emotional conversations in the tent.

Plagued by extraordinary storms engulfing the entire Arctic from Siberia to Alaska, with wind speeds up to 95 km/hr., extreme snowfall and zero visibility, they further experienced a setback of unprecedented drift of 175 km to the East.

On May 13th  exhausted and defeated by the Arctic Experience, the team gets picked up from the ice, as continuing the expedition would have been life-threatening.  Our efforts of this expedition are not in vain. Outstanding photographs, film and stories of the team document the fate of an environment which future is at stake.